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Automatic EPE Punching Shaped AIO Machine

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Die Cutting and Striping in One Machine-Automatic EPE Punching Shaped AIO Machine

It can integrate punching, cutting, and waste removal. Three processed are completed at once. High production efficiency and easy operation are the last word!


Instead of traditional punching and waste striping processes, it can realize the one-time stamping and waste stripping forming of expanded polyethylene. 

Working Principle:

The servo motor system is used to drive the tooling to complete the punching action from bottom to top, so that the material is punched through and the waste is automatically discharged in the next action.


1. Stamping has no radian, neat material alignment, high precision and strong stability.

2. It adopts high-precision imported controller and servo system control, which is easy to operate.

3. It replaces the traditional knife mold process, stamping and discharging waste forming at one time, and the production efficiency is high.

Images of the product after die cutting and stripping at one from the EPE foam machine:



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