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EPE Foam Extruder


EPE extruding machine(Epe Foam Sheet Extruder), also known as epe foam extruder, epe extruders, epe extruding production line, pe foam sheet extrusion is mainly used to make epe foam sheets. It melts LDPE resins and then mix it with butane, talcum powder, anti-shrinkage additive and other additives, then extrude it by the extruder and then foam it at the mould part. Later the foamed products pass the shaping circles and get the size we want, finally we roll the sheets. 

If you use our EPE foam sheet extruder, you can get products with the lowest density of 14kg/m3 while some of our competitors make products with density of 20kg/m3. Assuming that you make 16kg/m3 products with our machine while your competitors make 20kg/m3 products. To make the same one ton of material, you can get 62.5m3 of products (1000kg ÷ 16kg/m3) while your competitor can get only 50m3 of products. (1000kg ÷ 20kg/m3). In this way, you can produce 12.5m3 more of products. That means you can get more profit of  12.5m3.

Of course, you can adjust the machine to make different densities of products. You can also make the same density products as your competitors if you want. However, your competitors can’t make as light products as yours with their machine. That is because the structure of our main machine parts are different from that of other machine manufacturers.

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