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Veinas EPE Foam Fabrication Machines

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The company's existing two side two station high-speed bonding machine, one side two stations high-speed bonding machine, circulating bonding machine, hot air welding machine, right-angle laminating machine, manual waste EPE foam stripping machine, hydraulic waste removing machine, vertical EPE rolls thikening machine, foaming machine, EPE foam vertical heat cutting machine, EPE foam horizontal and vertical automatic-knife adjusting machine, right-angle manual ironing board/heating plate, EPE foam cardboard glueing machine, foam frame bonding machine, EPE foam box pasting machine, PE foam automatic punching/die cutting machine, Hot glue machine, EPE foam pressing machine, automatic stamping and forming machine, special-shaped machine and other equipment for bonding, cutting, discharging waste and grooving pearl cotton. Welcome to inquire about any problems of pearl cotton processing, Huasu wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality pearl cotton processing solutions.

Since its establishment, the company has developed a number of patented products with strong technical force, "quality service first" production tenet, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly green thinking, which not only fills the industry technology gap, but also provides superior performance and affordable prices. , It has quickly become the poyethylene foam bonding equipment of choice for the majority of users.

The company adheres to the concept of "striving for excellence" and has been widely used in various regions and countries of EPE foam fabricatoin industries. In addition to selling in domestic provinces, Hong Kong and Taiwan, it is also popular: India, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Indonesia, the United States , Vietnam and other countries, with sincerity and strength, continue to gain recognition and praise from customers at home and abroad.

Zhuhai Huasu has closely linked its future with the national strategy of "Made in China 2025", "based on the domestic, facing the world", with the vision of "excellent quality, efficient operation, leading technology", continuous innovation, and use its own development to boost the industry Technological innovation, active innovation, improve efficiency for users, save material costs and labor costs.


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