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Operation safety instructions of automatic cutting machine


This automatic cutting eva foam cutting machine suitable for continuous punching of various non-metallic roll materials with a width of <1600mm , such as leather、cloth、EVA、Sponge etc.

Automatic cutting machine operation safety instructions:

Just same as other cutting machines, there’s the danger for the operator to operate the Machine. If you could strictly abide by the safety instructions, the danger could be avoided as much as possible.

The Machine is designed for the special purpose. It’s strictly forbidden to be used for other purpose or be transformed. For any question, please continue to operate only after completely understanding the status or consulting us.

1、Read the Manual carefully and well understand the operating procedures and the main points of the Machine. In addition, it’s also necessary to know about the working procedure of the Machine and the relative dangers.

2、The Machine should be with the reliable grounding.Only the worker with the related qualifications could have the grounding work for the Machine.

3、It’s not allowed to tear down any accessories or protective device.

4、The working site should be clean and neat. It’s not allowed to place the Machine where is open or damp. In addition, the site should be with enough light.

5、The vertical cutting machine should be operated by the appointed operator. The operator should be elder than 18 years old, and have the training accordingly.Children is strictly forbidden to close to the working site. Any visitors not relative to the operation should keep the safe distance.

6、The operation of the Machine should strictly refer to the technical parameters displayed on the nameplate.

7、Only one operator could operate the Machine at the same time.

8、The uniform for the operation should fits well. It’s not allowed to have gloves or decorations. The operator with long hair should have the hood.

9、The power supply should be cut down for maintenance.

Please make sure that the power supply is cut down and that the motor has stopped running completely before have the maintenance and repairing for the hydraulic die cutting machine. In addition, it’s necessary to hang the warning sign.For maintaining or repairing the motor or the hydraulic system, it should be done only after the motor and the hydraulic oil completely cools down. 

10、The parts and accessories for placement could be purchased from us.

11、Please check the parts of the vertical foam cutting machine before startup.

12、Please leave only after the power supply is cut off and the Machine stops completely.It’s strictly forbidden for the operator to leave the running Machine.

13、It’s strictly to cut any material with explosion danger, or to use the Machine in the dangerous conditions.

14、The operator should be clear-headed when working.It’s strictly forbidden for the operator to work after drinking, taking medicine, having drugs or being tired.

15、We would not undertake any responsibilities for any lost resulted from:

a. appropriate operation

b. incorrect maintenance

c. incorrect operation

Anything caused by the loss, the company shall not bear the responsibility.

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