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Components, Installation and commissioning of EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine


Components of EPE foam sheet extruder

1、Head part

The thickness of the EPE sheet is decided by the die lip and traction roller speed, as soon as the raw material comes out of the die lip, it will be foamed.


(1) Barrel: The inner wall is ground by nitriding treatment. The barrel is heated in nine zones and divided into two parts, the first part is the resin melting section and the second part is the cooling section, which is automatically controlled by circulating water.

(2) Feeding section: It connects the barrel with the hard gear box, raw materials are added by this section, and circulating cold water is used to prevent temperature rise.

(3) Main motor: The speed is continuously adjustable from 250 to 1500rpm.

(4) Foaming agent injection device: High-pressure metering pump is used to precisely fill the foaming agent, and liquid butane gas is injected into the barrel using 30PMa pressure, and the gas injection section is the mixing section of gas and molten resin in the barrel.

(5) Anti-shrink agent injection device: High pressure metering pump 35Pma is used to inject liquid anti-shrink agent, accurate measurement, uniform mixing, and not easy to block the filter. The injection port is also installed to a single check valve to prevent the backflow of anti-shrink agent.

3、Unrolling frame

The cylindrical sheet is gradually unfolded into flat film from the cylinder on the unfolding frame after being dissected by wind.

4、Setting drum

Because the width of EPE sheet is decided by this part, so there should be enough cooling water and air supply outside and inside this part.

5、Electrostatic eliminator

Adopt ion fan and other electrostatic elimination equipment to eliminate the large amount of static electricity accumulated on the surface of the sheet.

6、Tower type winder

It adopts constant torque motor to rewind the roll and is equipped with fixed length alarm device. Double axes rotate uninterruptedly to collect rolls.

7、Traction machine

In order to make the quality of EPE sheet stable, it is necessary to note that the speed is constant, so this eva foam cutting machine adopts electromagnetic speed control motor to achieve a larger adjustable speed stability.

8、Automatic loading machine with alarm device

To reduce the operator's labor intensity of feeding and the reliability of feeding, users can configure the automatic feeding machine according to their needs. No material automatic alarm.


It is used to mix polyethylene and auxiliary materials into uniform mixture according to process requirements. The general formula is: 25:1 or 25:2 that is 2kg divided into powder 25kg raw materials.

Installation and commissioning of EPE foam sheet extruder

1、 the unit should be placed in a good plane, the host extruder and the main motor parts of the ground concrete foundation is greater than 30㎝, the rest of the floor concrete thickness of not less than 15㎝.

2、The main machine and the main motor have M16 metal expansion bolts fixed, the rest are placed flat on the ground and not fixed, butane pump etc. can also be fixed with M10 metal expansion bolts.

3、The foaming agent used is butane, which is flammable and explosive, therefore, the workshop and the warehouse must take forced ventilation, configure explosion-proof fans and lighting, switches and other appliances.

4、The use of open fire is strictly forbidden in the workshop and factory, and the workshop and warehouse should be equipped with sufficient facilities.

5、Place each part of the equipment according to the layout of the production line, calibrate the centerline and level of the unit. The distance between auxiliary machines can be adjusted appropriately according to the workshop site. Electric control box, shrinkage resistant pump butane pump, mixing machine and other auxiliary equipment should be placed in the convenient place for operation and maintenance according to the actual situation.

6、The electrical unit must have good grounding protection.

7、After the installation, connect the electric, water and gas pipelines.

8、Check whether the parts are loose and fall off.

9、Check whether the transmission parts are normal.

10、The main gearbox lubricant of the EPE Foam extrusion machine is selected for medium load industrial gear pump.

 11、Commission each part of the equipment separately, and then enter into the whole machine commissioning after the operation is normal.

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