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What is foaming extrusion line?


Features of foaming extrusion line

Veinas epe foam machine is a market leader in the supply of foam sheet extrusion lines for food and protective packaging applications. Our foaming extrusion lines are able to process EPS, EPE,XPET and EPP at outputs from 150kg/h to 1000kg/h.Material: EPS, EPE, EPP, EPET, EPLA.Foam sheet extrusion line with tandem technology & high productiviy processing.

Raw materials are automatically loaded and blended before being fed into the primary extruder to produce a homogeneous melt. Hydrocarbon or CO2 gases are precisely metered using triple head ATEX compliant, diaphragm pumps with mass flow measurement to ensure a consistent foam density and quality.

The secondary extruder cools the melt using a high mixing, low shear screw with a two stage seal design to ensure no leakage through the rear. Barrel water cooling is controlled through motorized valves to minimize temperature variation particularly important when producing absorbent foam.

Our oil temperature controlled annular dies have hand wheel adjustment and digital display of die gap to assist with process control and product repeatability. Air rings around die and cooling can improve surface finish and output.

Veinas machinery has a range of haul off and winding technology with manual or fully automatic cut and reel change capability all with accurate programmable tension control.All pe foam sheet extrusion lines have the option of discrete or PLC touch screen control.


Foam sheet extrusion lines from Veinas are designed for polyethylene extrusion and polypropylene extrusion foam sheets with direct gas injection. The design and screw geometry is what makes the melt strength exceptional or average.

Foam extruders perform except ional melting, mixing and cooling with minimum shear in material. The epe foam sheet extrusion head and die design give the final sheet consistency. Meaning in terms of thickness and density over all sheet width.

Foam extruder’s feed-screw is designed to bring the material to the desired temperature with optimal gradual cool down. This is considered essential in foam extrusion for maximum density reduction.Foam extruders from Veinas can be all upgraded with high speed fully automatic winders.

Foam sheet extruders Veinas reach higher productivity, better product quality and lower energy consumption. All this for less production costs that are usually expected.Foam sheet extrusion lines are designed and engineered to offer a higher safety level with several downstream equipment options.

Veinas machinery is a global leader in developing and manufacturing epe foam extrusion lines. Veinas is specialized for Polyethylene (EPE), Polypropylene (EPP) and Polystyrene (XPS) foam production. Foam machinery from Veinas have been supplied to Market Leaders in almost every part of the world.We constantly invest in research for technical innovations and better foam extrusion design.

EPE machines from Veinas have reached an impressive level in production quality, regardless from the ability of machine’s operator. Equal machine‘s parameters and raw material recipe will give always the same quality of the end foam extruded product. This is what made Veinas a leader and a growing company today.

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