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Information about cutting machine


Use of cutting machine

In industrial production, form cutting machines are used in a wide range of applications.Its function is mainly to use the forming die to obtain the desired sheet or semi-finished product by punching action.

The cutting machine is widely used and can be cut into non-metallic materials, such as the industry: for mats, plastics, leather, automotive interiors, electronics, pearl cotton, sponges, eva, rubber, automotive interiors, floor mats, fabrics, Parts, cloth, mask, underwear, foam, etc. Bubble industry: Suitable for leather, fabrics, parts, automotive interiors, fabrics, pearl cotton, sponges, floor mats, floor mats, plastics, parts, sponges, eva, electronics, leather, masks, foams, etc.

Widely used in: leather processing industry, footwear industry, leather goods industry, handbag industry, garment industry, glove industry, hat industry, toy industry, stationery industry, plastics industry, pearl cotton industry, sponge industry, carpet industry, plastic industry, Silk industry, handicraft industry, hanging industry, embroidery industry, paper industry, jigsaw and model industry, sports equipment industry, electronics industry, automobile industry and other light industry.

how to seting die cutter

(1) When setting the cutter, be sure to loosen the setting handwheel so that the setting lever touches the cutting point control switch. Otherwise, the setting operation cannot be generated when the cutter setting switch is turned ON.

(2) When working, the cutting knife should be placed in the center position of the upper pressing plate as much as possible to avoid the unilateral wear of the machine and affect its life.

(3) Replace the new cutter. If the height is not the same, please reset it according to the setting method. Precision four column cutting machine.

(4) When the automatic cutting machine is in motion, please leave the cutting knife or the seesaw. It is strictly forbidden to use the hand to help the cutting die to cut it to avoid danger.

(5) If the operator needs to leave the position temporarily, please turn off the motor switch to avoid damage to the machine by improper operation.

(6) Please avoid overloading to avoid damage to the machine and reduce the service life.

Two-column cutting machine vs the four-column cutting machine

1.The two-column cutting machine is the hydraulic plane cutting machine. The four-column cutting machine is the precision four-column cutting machine that we usually hear.

2.The hydraulic plane cutting machine is earlier than the four-column cutting machine. hydraulic plane cutting machine  first, followed is four-column cutting machine.

3.At present, there are many four-column cutting machines on the market. Four-column cutting machine more expensive than hydraulic plane cutting machine,Almost all manufacturers do not produce hydraulic plane cutting machine,Because of the low price and small profit margin. 60% product are export for Veinas Machinery, so the hydraulic plane cutting machine and four-column cutting has been sold a lot.

4.The pressure of the two-column plane cutting machine will not exceed 30 tons,The pressure of the four-column cutting machine is currently more than 500 tons of Veinas Machinery.

More information about foam automatic cutting machines can pay attention to Veinas Machinery, Veinas Machinery has more than 10 years of production experience. 

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