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3d XPE Foam Wall Sticker Moulding Machine


3D wall stickers are also called three-dimensional wall hangings and embossed wall stickers. They three-dimensional the walls people like, and at the same time strengthen the development and supporting of Wall stickers. The three-dimensional wall paste has certain hardness and flexibility, insulation, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-corrosion, non-deformation, anti-aging and other characteristics, and its service life is more than 20 years.

XPE Main Features:

1.XPE material cushioning - for the semi-rigid foam, after the impact of strong impact without loss of original performance, and more for precision instruments, semiconductor packaging and other fields, but also can use its easy formability, and for sports protection products And leisure products production areas.

2.XPE material sound absorption - with sound and noise reduction function, suitable for aircraft, railway vehicles, automobiles, motors and other strong noise equipment and the environment of sound-absorbing sound insulation materials.

3.XPE material formability - heat resistance, good ductility, uniform density, can achieve vacuum forming and thermal molding and other deeper parts of the molding, which can be used for automotive air conditioning evaporator, car hot roof and other interior Pieces and shoe materials.

4.XPE material insulation - its fine independent bubble structure, can effectively reduce the air convection caused by energy exchange, suitable for the production of insulation, insulation board. And both anti-condensation, so that it is very suitable for refrigerators, air conditioners and cold storage and other wet environment of insulation materials.

In addition, xpe foam sheet extrusion line material also has non-toxic, tasteless, chemical resistance, oil, acid, halogen and other types of chemical properties, and very easy to process, you can arbitrarily cut, with a variety of materials fit.

Main Features of 3d XPE Foam Wall Sticker Moulding Machine 

1, servo motor feed, accurate and no error, suitable for the production of large quantities of coil material, save the provincial materials.

2. The pressure forming part adopts a four-cylinder six-column automatic balance structure, thickens the worktable, and guarantees the compression molding accuracy ± 0.1 mm in each position.

3, PLC, touch screen control system, greatly improve the stability of the device, both self-monitoring function, simple and fast operation, can be based on different sets of memory storage, replacement mold, no need to re-temperature, pressure, time and other settings.

4, hydraulic system, supporting electrical appliances are imported famous products, power saving, small noise, simple operation, high efficiency.

5, pressure plate speed, flexible pressure, making the material better molding effect.

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