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What is EPE Bag-Making Machine?


EPE foaming waste plastics are used as raw materials for extrusion and sliver granulation, and they processed into the current epe plastic particles that are in short supply in the plastics industry, and they can be used for the re-creation of pearl cotton.

1. Firstly, you need to know about what material the products use. Is it PE, PP, PVC, PET or POF?

2. Secondly, you have to know the thickness, width and length of products so that we can recommend the suitable machine according to those. 

3. Thirdly,  you have to learn about the way of sealing of the product. Is the sealing at the bottom? In the middle? Or on the side? Or is it 3-side sealing? For different ways of sealing, the machine models are also different.

4.  You have to choose the model which suits the product width, it is impossible that the machine is multi-purpose. The wider the machine is, the more expensive the machine is. 

5. There are high-speed machines, medium-speed machines and low-speed machines. You have to choose the suitable bag-making epe foam machine speed according to your own requirement. 

6. The size of the side-sealing bags and that of the bottom-sealing bags are opposite. The length of the side-sealing bags is the width of the bottom-sealing bags. 

7. If the machine is pneumatic, you have to prepare air compressor. The model is according to the actual condition.

Advantages of EPE Bag-making Machine:

1. The sealing is strong.

2.Speed regulation is easy and stable. 

3.It adopts PLC control system which is easy to operate and the length of the bags is accurate.

4.It uses two-side water cooling system to make the bags. The cooling is fast, the hot cutting is neat and the sealing is strong.

5.The hot cutting system is designed well, it suits thinner and softer bubble film and epe foam sheet cutting machine without blocking the machine.

6. If you adjust the parameter of the time, you can use it for making epe bags within 2mm thickness without adding more parts.

7.It adopts automatic folding and feeding, it can cut the edges, and it can’t make the fault of bag misplacement. It can fully take the place of manual feeding so it can save a lot of labor cost.

8. It can make multiple bags at the same time, so the efficiency is raised a lot.

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