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Automatic Two-side Oil Press Machine

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Automatic Two-side Four-column Oil Press Machine


1. Accurate and fast: The control panel and the touch screen display can set and control the working pressure, cutting depth and feeding speed, and the operation is more precise and fast.

2. Perfect cutting: double cylinders, four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure, perfect cutting, good product consistency.

3. Improved efficiency: The fully automatic control feeding device is adopted to make the two stations work in turn, which saves the time of manual discharging and increases the production efficiency of the whole EPE foam Punching Machine by 2-3 times.


The double-station punch is suitable for cutting medium and large sheets such as disposable foam blister packaging, pearl cotton packaging, and automobile interior decoration.working principle:

The photoelectric positioning of the industry's high-end control system is adopted, and the servo motor is used to control the feeding plate for repeated cycle operation, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate, fast and stable production.


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