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What is EPE foam Laminating Machine and how does it work


Expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam sheet laminating machine is an equipment used in lamination of EPE foam with different materials. Lamination is the process through which two or more flexible packaging webs are joined together using a bonding agent. However, with this machine a bonding agent is not required. This machine is used to laminate different materials onto the EPE foam sheet, such as aluminum foil, PE film, plastic coated paper, and plastic-coated fabric.

The laminated EPE foam has increased intensity, waterproof capability and its surface is glossy. It is mostly used as box lining, wooden floor cushion, motorbike cushion, life vest, school charts and as cushion in boxes holding electrical appliances and ceramic during transit.

The machine is designed to work fast, improve production and conserve energy, as compared to the manual lamination process. Generally, each machine comprises of six parts: Laminating roller, rubber roller, temperature control system, winding unit, driving system and trimming unit. All these units work in cohesion to produce the EPE laminated foam products. The machine comes in different sizes and designs as per the intended use.


How it works

The machine is designed in a way that little technical knowledge is needed to operate it. The process includes nine steps, as explained below:


1.The material that is intended to be laminated onto the EPE foam is mounted on the machine. It is mostly in roll form to ease the process of pulling it.


2.The foam material is also loaded onto the machine, below the material intended to be laminated with.


3.The unwinding system unwinds the two rolls simultaneously. The materials are aligned together


and directed onto the rubber rollers. These rollers keep the material aligned together as they carry it towards the laminating rollers.


4.The laminating rollers pulls the material in and the lamination process begins. The laminating rollers are usually hot to a temperature that does not burn the materials in use. This is achieved by the use of a temperature control system. This system makes sure that the set temperature by the operator is not exceeded, but stays within a range that is sufficient to make the lamination process possible.

The laminating rollers press the materials together, and due to the heat, the two materials get attached onto each other forming an EPE form laminate.


5.The form laminate is then transferred onto the rubber rollers where it is taken to the next step.


6.On this step, two sharp cutting objects are set at the edges of the laminate. This called the trimming section. It is used to trim off excess laminate, to make it even and straight. As the excess is trimmed, the laminate moves forward on the rubber rollers to the next stage.

7.This stage involves human and sensor inspection. Sensor technology is used to inspect the now ready laminate to check for flaws. If one has no sensor technology, human beings perform the task of inspecting the laminate. The laminate if approved, it is allowed to move to the winding stage.


8.The winding unit is used to wind the ready laminate into a roll. This makes it easy to manage and carry the laminate into storage.


9.If another laminate material is to be used to laminate the other side, the whole process is repeated with the form placed upside down to laminate the second side.

Advantages of using the EPE foam Laminating Machine.

1.The process is easy and direct.

2.The EPE foam Laminating Machine is modernized to use less power as compared to other machines that were used before.

3.The EPE form keeps the original color as the machine does not use any substrate.

4.It has efficiency equivalent to 5-8 operators if done manually.

5.The produced laminate is always neat and less material is lost due to misalignment.

6.The machine has a long working life.

7.The machine requires minimum maintenance.


Are the laminated EPE important?

This technology has been on the rise in the recent past. More and more uses of the laminate are being invented. Most schools have opted to use charts that have been printed on shinny materials and enhanced by EPE foam. The charts are sleek, waterproof and durable. They can be rolled into a small piece and thus making it easy to store them. Several companies are lining up the inner parts of their storage boxes with printed laminated form. They print different advertisement and when a customer unloads their products, they see more products and services that the company offers.


Can the laminate be used on heat conservation?

This process has been adopted by the construction industry as well. The aluminum foil is laminated together with the EPE foam to act as under-roof insulation. As aluminum is good at reflecting heat, the form ensures that all the heat is reflected back to the roof and thus keeping the house cool. During cold nights, the aluminum on the lower side reflects heat back to the house as the form ensures that no heat is lost to the roof. This makes it easy to regulate heat in the house.


Is the machine expensive?

The EPE foam Laminating Machine is affordable. You can start with a smaller machine and work your way up to the big machines. The cost is nonetheless small if you compare it with the wages paid to manual workers in the long run. The efficiency and increased production should help you cover the cost in a short time.


Where can one buy the machine?

There are many manufacturers who make the EPE foam Laminating Machine. Our best choice is Veinas Machinery. Their machines are integrated with the latest technology and are power efficient. They have been in the market for more than 5 years and have machines in different sizes.

In conclusion, the EPE laminating machine is a very important machine in this day and age. It has varied uses ranging from the construction industry as insulator, in education where it is making durable charts and in marketing where it is lining boxes with different advertisement. The machine is very simple to use and efficient in terms of energy and time. With its modernized features, it gives neat and appealing product that will wow everyone that sees it.


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