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Application and faults of cutting machine


Application of cutting machine

In industrial production, cutting machines are used in a wide range of applications.Its function is mainly to use the forming die to obtain the desired sheet or semi-finished product by punching action.

Cutting machine is suitable for processing flexible sheet materials such as leather, cloth, textile, plastic, rubber, cardboard, felt, asbestos, fiberglass, cork and other synthetic materials.

Cutting machine are widely used in: leather processing industry, footwear industry, leather goods industry, handbag industry, garment industry, glove industry, hat industry, toy industry, stationery industry, plastics industry, pearl cotton industry, sponge industry, carpet industry, plastic industry, Silk industry, handicraft industry, hanging industry, embroidery industry, paper industry, jigsaw and model industry, sports equipment industry, electronics industry, automobile industry and other light industry.

Common faults of automatic cutting machine

1. Leakage

The leakage of hydraulic system is divided into internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage refers to leakage within the system, such as leakage between the sides of the piston and the valve core and valve body. External leakage refers to leakage that occurs in the external environment.


①Check whether the pipe fittings are loose

②Use good quality seals.

2. Fever

Due to the difference in the flow velocity of each part of the transmission medium in the flow process, there is internal friction to different degrees! An increase in temperature may cause internal and external leakage and reduce its efficiency. However, a higher temperature will cause the expansion of the hydraulic oil to increase the internal pressure, and the control action cannot be transmitted well.


①Use high-quality hydraulic oil

② Arrange hydraulic pipelines to avoid elbows

③Use better pipe fittings and joint hydraulic valves, etc.! Heat generation is an inherent feature of hydraulic systems and cannot be eradicated.

3. Vibration

The impact force generated by the high-speed flow of hydraulic oil in the pipeline of the hydraulic cutting machine and the impact generated during the opening and closing of the control valve are all causes of vibration. Excessive vibration amplitude will cause false indications of system precision instruments and cause system failure.


①Fix the hydraulic pipeline

②To avoid sharp bends of pipe fittings and frequent changes of hydraulic flow direction, the hydraulic system should have good vibration damping measures, and avoid external vibration sources that may affect the hydraulic system.

In order to avoid problems in the hydraulic system, the following precautions should be taken when using the foam cutting machine:

1. When starting up every day, let the machine run for 1-2 minutes without load before cutting.

2. When the machine is stopped for more than one day, please relax the setting handle to prevent damage to related parts. In operation, the die should be placed in the middle of the cutting surface (approximately between the pull rods on both sides).

3. The machine should be cleaned once a day before leaving get off work, and the electrical parts should be kept clean at all times. By the way, check whether the screws are loose in order to lock them.

4. Regularly check whether the lubrication system in the machine is operating normally, and the oil filter in the oil tank must be cleaned once a month. Or it is necessary to clean when the noise of the oil pump increases. Whenever the hydraulic oil is changed, the oil tank must be thoroughly cleaned.

5. Always pay attention to check and maintain the oil level in the oil tank. The hydraulic oil level should be at least 30m/m above the oil filter level, but no oil tank can be installed. If there is serious loss, please find the cause in time and take corresponding measures.

6. The hydraulic oil of the oil tank needs to be replaced after about 2400 hours of use, especially the first time the oil is used for a new machine, about 2000 hours. After the new machine is installed or the oil is changed, the oil filter should be cleaned after about 500 hours of use.

7. The oil pipes and joints need to be locked to prevent oil leakage. When the oil pipes are in motion, do not cause friction on the oil pipes to prevent damage.

8. When you want to remove the oil pipe, you should place a cushion block on the bottom of the pressure seat to lower the pressure seat to the block to prevent a large amount of circulating oil from leaking. Note that the motor should be completely stopped without pressure before disassembling the hydraulic system parts.

9. If the machine is not in operation, the motor must be stopped, otherwise the service life of the automated machine will be greatly reduced.

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