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Will Veinas epe foam machine become an OBM in future?
Becoming an OBM is a daunting task and long-term goal for Zhuhai HuaSu Automation Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. It not only requires the enterprises' own efforts in developing their own production capacity and innovation capacity but also needs the support of local government policies and further the Government if possible. The transformation from an ODM or OEM service provider to an OBM provider implies the company has turned into an innovation-based company from a manufacturing enterprise. With this goal deeply rooted in our mind, it drives us to concentrate more on improving our R&D strength and developing our core technology. Only in this way can we gain an increasing level of operation and management, thereby moving toward higher levels of capital operations and becoming a competitive OBM.
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Veinas epe foam machine is technically advanced, which primarily manufactures pelletizer. Veinas epe foam machine provides a wide range of automated machine for customers. A range of machining workmanship has been adopted in the production of Veinas epe machinery. It will be fabricated under CNC forming milling process, extrusion molding, CNC engraving, machine cutting, and polishing. This product can be customized to meet the specific requirements of customers. Our proposed press machine has the advantages of oil press machine. The product features a large information storage capacity.
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